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Mergers & Acquisitions Telecom Domain

  • Target Segment in Telecom Vertical.
  • Infrastructure Providers- Dark Fibre & Tower Companies.
  • Internet Service Providers.
  • Cloud Companies
  • Telecom Companies

Growing through inorganic route is an important part of the strategy of foreign investors, Existing Operators Identifying the right target therefore becomes critical to make the acquisition a success. We help in scouting for deals which provide potential synergies and are a ‘right fit’.

Through our experienced manpower from Telecom Vertical, our extensive network of relationships, we can help scout of deal which can be of interest to the buyer and help then shortlist the targets keeping in mind the long term objective of the acquirer. We help our clients in the following ways in any M&A deal.

Buyer or Seller: We achieve this through our extensive network and relationships in the market.

Deal Advisory: We assist in both Buy Side and Sell Side, assess and investigate backwards Regulatory filings/ compliances, checking Notices and liabilities with the Enforcement wing of Telecom Regulator.

Valuation Support: We do various kinds of valuation applying various methodologies for our client, market cap, Net Assets and valuation of Telecom gear installed as per prevailing methods or industry practice.

Due Diligence: We provide Financial, Legal, Tax and Investigative due diligence.

Implementation and Closing Support: We render end to end solution in M&A and therefore assist in closing and executing the deal as well.