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Looking for authentic Merger and Acquisitions consultants for the telecom sector? TNC is one of the reliable telecom consulting companies that is actively involved in offering the best services to clients. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) refer to the consolidation of companies or assets through various financial transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions. M&A can occur between two or more companies in the same industry or between companies in different industries.


Mergers occur when two companies of roughly the same size and assets combine to form a new, larger company. In a merger, the shareholders of both companies typically receive shares in the new company, and the management of both companies may become part of the new management team.


Acquisitions, on the other hand, occur when one company purchases another company or a portion of its assets. In an acquisition, the shareholders of the acquired company typically receive cash or shares in the acquiring company.



M&A transactions are typically driven by the desire to increase market share, diversify products or services, reduce competition, and achieve economies of scale. They can also be used to enter new markets, gain access to new technologies, or acquire talented employees. M&A transactions can be complex, involving numerous legal, financial, and regulatory issues. They require careful planning, due diligence, and negotiation to ensure that the transaction is beneficial to both parties involved. Having consultants for mergers and acquisitions in the telecom sector makes work easier for the firm!

Growing through inorganic route is an important part of the strategy of foreign investors, Existing Operators Identifying the right target therefore becomes critical to make the acquisition a success. We help in scouting for deals which provide potential synergies and are a ‘right fit’.

Through our experienced manpower from Telecom Vertical, our extensive network of relationships, we can help scout of deal which can be of interest to the buyer and help then shortlist the targets keeping in mind the long term objective of the acquirer. We help our clients in the following ways in any M&A deal.

Significance of Mergers and Acquisitions in Telecom Sector


In India, the telecom sector is one of the most lucrative and expanding. The telecom industry works with communication tools including cell phones, landlines, and other phones. The goal of increasing merger and acquisition activity worldwide is to gain competitive advantages. Because both firms are in the same industry, the merger and acquisition in the telecom sector are regarded as horizontal mergers. In general, some of the benefits of M&A consultants for telecom include:


1. Companies from abroad seeking entry into India


The telecom industry in India has drawn the interest of numerous foreign businesses. Several foreign businesses entered India due to expectations of growth and profitability in the telecom sector. Due to spectrum restrictions and other entry barriers, it is difficult to start over; hence international businesses have used mergers and acquisitions to increase their presence in India.


2. Increase in Organic Subscribers


India’s telecom industry is quite competitive. Smaller players find it challenging to compete with major players. The market is becoming saturated, thus the big firms are likewise interested in stealing clients from the lesser players.


3. Fast Technological Change


The technologies have seen a rapid transformation in the telecom market. As a result, businesses are engaging in M&A to generate economies of learning. Indian telecom companies are buying up smaller businesses to gain knowledge of emerging technology. With the aid of reliable M&A license consultants in Delhi, India, the entire process becomes easy.


4. Developing Brand Value


The brand name is significant in the Indian telecom sector. Merging with larger companies can be quite beneficial for smaller businesses.


Get in touch with trustworthy M&A license consultants in Delhi, India at TNC and make your work easier and swifter. 



Buyer or Seller: We achieve this through our extensive network and relationships in the market.

Deal Advisory: We assist in both Buy Side and Sell Side, assess and investigate backwards Regulatory filings/ compliances, checking Notices and liabilities with the Enforcement wing of Telecom Regulator.

Valuation Support: We do various kinds of valuation applying various methodologies for our client, market cap, Net Assets and valuation of Telecom gear installed as per prevailing methods or industry practice.

Due Diligence: We provide Financial, Legal, Tax and Investigative due diligence.

Implementation and Closing Support: We render end to end solution in M&A and therefore assist in closing and executing the deal as well.