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TNC is one of the well-known WPC Licence Consultants in India that promises to give you full assistance in acquiring WPC clearance at a fair price. We believe in considering our client’s time constraints. With more than 30 years of experience, we stand out among other WPC consultants in telecom industry.


WPC stands for Wireless Planning & Coordination licence. It’s an authorization to import and market wireless products. It is a non-optional licence, issued by the Department of Telecommunication’s Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing.


These days, the availability of wireless gadgets is expanding quickly. Even though India is becoming more independent, some imported goods cannot always be substituted. We are discussing premium wireless goods. The cost of goods has decreased for the average consumer as a result of these foreign goods. Therefore don’t wait any longer if you’re a seller of wireless goods and need a WPC ETA certificate. Contact us if you are looking for authorized telecom consultants in Delhi, India. 


The organisation in charge of approving wireless and RFID technology in India is called Wireless & Planning Coordination (WPC) (EQUIPMENT TYPE APPROVAL and IMPORT LICENCE). The National Radio Regulatory Authority responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licencing, and meeting the demands of all wireless users (Government and Private) in the nation is the WIRELESS PLANNING & COORDINATION (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communications, established in 1952.

WPC Licence Registration Consultancy Services Pan India.

Wireless & Planning Coordination (WPC), The Authority That Controls The Wireless /rfid Approval In India (equipment Type Approval And Import License). The Wireless Planning & Coordination (wpc) Wing Of The Ministry Of Communications, Created In 1952, Is The National Radio Regulatory Authority Responsible For Frequency Spectrum Management, Including Licensing And Caters For the Needs Of All Wireless Users (government And Private) In The Country.

Importance of WPC License Approval 


Agencies would use WPC approval to obtain a licence to operate within a specific frequency. Any product that relies on wireless technology would operate on a wireless network of some kind. Working with delicensed frequency bands in some way would be necessary for such wireless devices. Such de-licensed frequency trademarks would need a particular kind of authorization. The ETA is a name for such a permit (Equipment Type Approval). So, to get ETA, would be based on a specific model that needs WPC approval. TNC provides necessary support in obtaining WPC license.



For the procedure of any type of radio frequency-enabled gadget, such permission is necessary. Any import of radio-based frequency equipment into India would require authorization from the WPC department. This division would make sure that the service provider complied with all licencing criteria. Their primary task is to conduct radio frequency testing, wireless testing licencing requirements, and frequency testing.


Benefits of Obtaining WPC License


Getting WPC License has a variety of advantages in India:


1. Compliance with the pre-Defined Standards

All authorities, including government and private, would guarantee that they complied with the criteria as per the Indian Government by obtaining WPC approval in India.


2. New Modernization Conditions

All businesses that receive this approval will comply with all legal standards. In addition, this authority would provide periodic updates to wireless providers.


To ensure that the organization’s statutory licence criteria are met, TNC takes a results-driven strategy. A straightforward and guiding process aids organisations in quickly and affordably obtaining licences.